Sameer Makarius

Sameer Makarius (Cairo, Egypt, 1923 - Buenos Aires, 2009). His family moved to Germany and then to Hungary, where he graduated from school, and then studied shortly at the Gallé Academy of Arts.

A non-figurative painter in the geometrical-constructivist school, active in the art scene in Budapest since 1945. Participating in the first exhibition of non-figurative art ever held in that city. He was a founding member of the Hungarian Group of Concrete Art and a member of the “European School."

In 1953 he moved to Buenos Aires. He participated in the abstract avant-gardes, active in the fifties and beginning of the sixties, he was included in the first show of the Neo-Figurative group (1961), where some of this Biblical works were exhibited. He held solo and group shows of painting, graphic work and photography in Argentina and abroad. His most outstanding photographic work includes his portraits of artists and series on Buenos Aires.

He has written many articles and essays on photography and especially on the history of photography in Argentina.

He is the author of a pioneering work, La fotografía en la Argentina, 1840-1981, and he has published two important works on the city he loved from the day he arrived: Buenos Aires y su gente, 1960 and Buenos Aires mi ciudad, 1963.