Eduardo Santiere

Eduardo Santiere
MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US (2003)
Lic. in Computers Science - University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992)

Solo shows

2014  “Eduardo Santiere: Inter-Spaces”, Henrique Faria New York (New York)
2012  “Caligrafías”, 11x7 Galería (Buenos Aires. Argentina)                 
2012  “Dibujos Concierto Detalle”, Faría+Fábregas Galeria (Caracas, Venezuela)     
2011  “Bio-construcciones”, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires)                   
2009  “Calm Complexities”, Curator’s Office (Washington DC)                         
2008  “Draw in”, Haim Chanin Fine Arts ( New York)                      
2005  “Project room”, Wendy Cooper Gallery (Chicago)                           
2004  “Details in a not time, not place”,  Wendy Cooper Gallery (Chicago)                            
2003  “The imperceptible”, 734 Gallery (Madison, WI)                                     
2001  “Guided by voices”, Bascom Hall (Madison, WI)                                    
1999  “Norrænt landslag”, Listasafn Arnesinga, Art Museum, Selfoss, Iceland)
1999  “Drawings”, Red Mill Gallery (Johnson, VT)                               

Group shows

2015  “Grafías y Ecuaciones”, Henrique Faria Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
2015  “Traces of Creation”, Hafnarborg Museum, Iceland
2014  “Lo contrario de la magia”, MALBA, Buenos Aires
2013  “Homeward found”, Wassaic Project, New York
2013  “4 artists + 11 questions to Marta Minujin”, 11x7 Galería, Buenos Aires                        
2012  “The sight of sound”,  60 Wall Gallery/Deutsche Bank Collection, NY
2012  “GalacticoMal”, Nora Fisch Arte Contemporaneo, BsAs
2009  “Summer Shortcuts: a Drawing Forecast”, Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York
2009  “Trends in paper works”, Texas State University,Texas               
2009  “The Last Book”, Biblioteca Nacional de Buenos Aires   
2009  “Summer Docks”, Curator’s Office, Washington DC          
2009  “Display/Displace”, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York  
2008  “Blown Away”, Krannert Art Museum, Illinois, USA   
2008  “Paper and Space”, Galerie Thomas, Munich, Germany     
2008  “Mixology I:  Paintings and Works on Paper”, Curator’s Office, Washington DC       
2008  “New York/Tampa, Signatures d´Artistes”, Bleu Acier, Tampa, FL                        
2008  “66 pieces of art”, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York       
2007  “Levity”, The Drawing Center, New York           
2007  “Microespacios toman el centro”, Centro Cultural de España, BsAs          
2007  “Definition, delicacy and detail in drawing”, Curator’s Office, Washington DC        
2007  “Bienal AAGA en las Artes Visuales”, Federico Klemm, BsAs                        
2007  “Men & Math“, Southfirst Gallery, New York               
2006  “Darling Project”, Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL      
2005  “Serene Obsession”, Haim Chanin Fine Arts, New York        
2004  “Works on paper”, SouthFirst Gallery, New York

Artist residencies / Fellowships

2014  Hafnarborg Museum, Iceland
2013  The Wassaic Project, US
2010  Fundacion Valparaíso, Spain
2005  Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, US
2004  Ucross Foundation, US           
2004  KHN Center for the Arts, US
2000  The MacDowell Colony, US, Milton and Sally Avery Fellow
1999  Straumur Art Commune,  Iceland
1999  Vermont Studio Center, US, Nexus Latin American Award
1998  Straumur Art Commune,  Iceland
1997  The MacDowell Colony, US
1997  Vermont Studio Center, US                

Art Fairs:

ArteBA (Henrique Faria New York/Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, 2015), Parc (Henrique Faria New York/Buenos Aires, Lima, 2015), Untitled (Henrique Faria Buenos Aires, Miami, 2014), Ch.ACO (Henrique Faria New York/Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, 2014), ArteBA (Henrique Faria New York/Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, 2014), ArtBO (Faría+Fábregas Galeria, Bogota, 2013), ArteBA (11x7 Galeria, Buenos Aires, 2013), The Armory Show (Henrique Faría Fine Art , NYC, 2013), Context Art Miami Fair (Curator’s Office, Miami, 2012), ArteBA (11x7 Galeria, Buenos Aires, 2012), SP Arte (11x7 Galeria, San Pablo, 2012), PINTA (Josee Bienvenu Gallery, NYC, 2011, 2010, 2009), NADA (Josee Bienvenu Gallery, Miami, 2009), Pulse New York (Curator’s Office, NYC, 2009), ArteBA´09 (Henrique Faria Fine Art, Buenos Aires, 2009), ArtParis 08 (Haim Chanin Fine Arts, Paris, 2008), Scope New York (Curator’s Office, NYC, 2008), ArteBA´08 (Henrique Faria Fine Art, Buenos Aires, 2008), PINTA (Henrique Faria Fine Art, NYC, 2007), AquaArt Miami (Gallery Joe, Miami, 2007), Scope Hamptons (Curator’s Office, New York, 2007), Balelatina (Faría + Fábregas Galeria, Basel, 2007), ArteBA´07 (Henrique Faria Fine Art, Buenos Aires, 2007), ArtParis 07 (Haim Chanin Fine Arts, Paris, 2007), ArteAmericas (Henrique Faria Fine Art, Miami, 2007), NADA (Southfirst Gallery, Miami, 2006), ArtBO (Henrique Faria Fine Art, Bogota, 2006), Year 06 (Wendy Cooper Gallery, London, 2006), FIA 2006 (Henrique Faria Fine Art, Caracas, 2006), Art Brussels (Wendy Cooper Gallery, Brussels, 2006), Scope NY (Wendy Cooper Gallery, NYC, 2006), Scope Miami (Wendy Cooper Gallery, Miami, 2005), Preview Berlin (Wendy Cooper Gallery, Berlin, 2005), Scope Miami (Wendy Cooper Gallery, Miami, 2004), Art Chicago (Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago, 2004).