Mirtha Dermisache

Mirtha Dermisache: Escrituras, dibujos, ediciones... lecturas

Mirtha Dermisache : Writings, drawings, editions ... readings

                                                                                                                                       Paris, March 28, 1971

Dear Miss,?

  • Mr. Hugo Santiago was kind enough to show me your graphics notebook. Let me just tell you how impressed I am, not only for the highly artistic quality of your strokes (which is not irrelevant) but also, and especially, for the extreme intelligence of the theoretical problems related to writing that your work entails.?You have managed to produce a certain number of shapes, neither figurative nor abstract, that could defined as illegible writing –leading to suggest its readers, nor exactly messages nor the contingent forms of expression, but the idea, the essence of writing.?Nothing is more difficult to produce than an essence, i.e., a shape that refers to its own definition. Haven’t Japanese artists devoted a lifetime to learn how to draw a circle that does not refer but to the idea of the circle itself? Their work is akin to that requirement. I fervently wish that you may continue and publish it. Please receive my best wishes for success, particularly in your work, and my most cordial feelings.                                                                                                                                                                    Roland Barthes

Letter from Roland Barthes to Mirtha Dermisache. March 28, 1971

11x7 Galería wishes to thank the artist’s relatives, heirs and the entire team from Archivo Mirtha Dermisache, who have generously given us access to her work and for their dedicated contribution to the organization of this exhibition.